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The Story of the Hotel

Hotel in Sanremo, Grand Hotel of the "belle époque"

This historical hotel in Sanremo is the historical representation of what is commonly called "la belle époque". This elegant mansion is the living memory of the past Sanremo, a specimen of a precise moment of the evolution of tastes and styles, not surprisingly, still receives the appreciation of many international guests.

The Grand Hotel & Des Anglais was built in 1888 by Giuseppe Conio, manufacturer of Sanremo who made his fortune in England, so the name is not casual. Stylistically it was developed by the architect Giulio Franco Gilli which modeled on the English taste because customers in those years was beginning to discover the Riviera dei Fiori.

Throughout its history, the hotel has had famous guests like the protagonists of the Conference of Peace of San Remo in 1920, where the hotel was home to the entire Italian delegation, the President of the Council: Francesco Saverio Nitti, together with the French statesman Alexandre Millerand and English Lloyd George. The hotel was chosen because it guaranteed its guests security, tranquility, privacy over the splendid view over the Sanremo sea.

The hotel hosted other customers exceptional: Winston Churchill, Gabriele D’Annunzio, the poet Trilussa, Guglielmo Marconi to name a few.